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OmniBlue Fashion

Omniblue Fashion offers a remarkable customer experience in footwear development with seamless solutions to top quality shoe design and consulting from concept to market.

Our approach is to provide luxury elements that create unique and fine designs, with top quality, sleek finishes, and exquisite comfort. We pride ourselves in creating exceptional, functional and engaging work that delights and delivers results.

Services feature:

• Custom Solutions Consultancy

• Sourcing Management

• Prototype development

• Sampling development

• Design

• Branding

• Production

• Packaging

• Quality control

With a strong experience in luxury fashion market, we support our clients with deep know-how on trends and processes regarding the industry. We deliver services to brands, designers, retailers, and wholesalers from design to production.

We will help you present your line and demonstrate impeccable quality to clients and be your trusted partner who will make your line a priority and give you the edge you need to outshine your competition.

Tell us your concept, your brand values, the background, and product ideas. We will create the right product for you and your brand.

Case Study: Silo Vodka Bar

On a sweltering summer day, the taste of chilled Vodka emanates like a refreshing breeze from the heart of Los Angeles in a place called SILO Vodka Bar. In partnering up with Silo, we were asked to present a full fledged marketing campaign to execute their grand opening and consistently ignite a loyal customer base.

We began our journey with Silo by building their brand, logo, flyers, menus, and business cards with an innovative vision in mind. Then, we provided them services in graphic design and web development that captured their unique identity with class. Through our multi-media team, we offered our client their own videography and identity concept for the entire bar. The style of the bar is that of a Vodka museum meets taste. Such is the discovery of most clients that find a lofty, hip, intelligent, and sophisticated feel in Silo Vodka Bar.

To drive customer acquisition, we leveraged the power of social media marketing and launched our public relations program to distinguish Silo in a saturated market place. We provided Silo with continued market research that identified buyer values and enhanced their story with our marketing materials.

With the imaginative allure we have created, Silo Vodka Bar is proven to be the ideal place of escapism from the world on any given night.